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Review: KORRES Quercetin & Oak Antiaging Eye Primer (Concealer/Shadow Eye Base)

Quercetin & Oak Antiaging Eye Primer
Price: $21
(Sold @, or any store that participates in selling this brand)
Overall: thumbs up
Score: 5 (* my personal scale of 1-5; 1 being complete dislike, 5 being excellent to repurchase.)

Hey Dolls! Sorry for the complete year delay in reviews or my overall blogging. Life got ahead of me and before I knew it I didn't finish my last blog nor have I got here and completely neglected it love. Well, it's no time like the present to turn over a new leaf, so it be now and look for future blogs after this one from me. I have alot of ideas running through my mind on what I want to do for the future and this time I am going to follow through.
Today's blog is on the eye primer/concealer by KORRES. This was sent to me compliments of as a sample to test out and I have for over 2 weeks. First and for most this is my opinion, my thoughts and what may work for you may not necessarily work for you. We all are different and we all have different skin colors and skin types so with that stated......on to the Review!
I am in my 40's, I have light to medium skin coloring with combination to normal skin; oily in the t-zone & nose, oily eyelids, dry patches. I have some dark coloring (depending on my sleeping patterns) and discoloring to my eyelids. I have tried in the past too faced shadow insurance, UD primer potion, e.l.f. primer, sephora brand eye primer to just name a few. While I like each except UDPP I by far prefer KORRES over ALL I have in my makeup collection. For it being long lasting, creaseless, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and lids. As previously stated, my eyelids tend to build up oil towards the end of the day and where UDPP, TFSI and e.l.f. primers started to crease, KORRES primer does not budge until I remove my eye makeup. UDPP when I use a thin layer would grab on the shadow too much and was hard for me to blend, this allows flawless application. Granted fallout happens with some shadows which can be normal for some but it allows smooth application and I don't even feel it on before placing my eyeshadow on. It corrects my discolorization on my lids and it corrects the dark circles I sometimes get too. It acts a 3 in 1 base. A eye primer, corrector and a anti-aging product for your eyes. And let's be real once you start to age there is NOT a product out there to stop it HOWEVER, there are products like this one that can diminsh the show of age before your foundation, eyeshadow go on to give your face and eye a more youthful appearance.
Other selling point is the fact this company strives on keeping harsh chemicals out of their products. So there is NO Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs, or Triclosans in them. Using natural and herbal ingredients. (Even earns Sephora's natural seal) From Sephora's website, the description of what this product does: "This primer provides a 360-degree smooth canvas around the delicate eye area, ensuring crease-proof, long-lasting eye shadow and concealer wear. Enriched with quercetin and oak extracts, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to provide softer skin while visibly improving skin texture. The apricot undertone instantly corrects darkness and imperfections on the eyelid and undereye area." And I completely agree with that, towards the remaining two weeks of my testing I purchased the product with my own money because I used up the sample and I was very impressed with it. And I will repurchase it again.
There are alot of other products available in the Quercetin & Oak skincare line with KORRES and this was my first KORRES product and certainly not the last. For those interested they have other lines of skincare in their collection and I am pretty much wanting to try others for I have been very impressed thus far.

~ Quercetin & Oak
Antiaging skincare associated around the smoother, softer, firmer, and more radiant skin while dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
~ Wild Rose
Moisturizing & brightening skincare
~ Yoghurt
Hydrates & relieves dry skin areas even for oily skin types.

[*korres quercetin & oak antiaging eye primer was sent to me as a sample to test compliments of of which I did end up purchasing with my own money from Photo courtsey of ]

On some posts you may see a disclaimer, stating that a product was sent for consideration. While I do accept free product samples (from BeautyStat), I do not accept paid compensation to review a specific product in a positive light, nor do I guarantee positive reviews, or reviews at all. My priority is 100% to my readers, and I do all I can to keep my reviews true to how I feel with little or no involvement or opinions from the company supplying the product.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Which is the best primer? (review)

Urban Decay's Primer Potion
Price $18
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
(, counter department stores,
Price $24
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Price $18
Benefit's fy....eye!

Coming soon...

Monday, October 18, 2010

M.A.C. Vemonous Villains: Dr. Facilier Magically Cool Powder:Review

Vemonous Villains Collection
Dr Facilier Collection
Magically Cool Liquid Powder
Price $29.50
Found @

This has become one of my staples in my everyday makeup routine and I absolutely love, love this product. It comes in two colors; Cajun (for those of a darker skin tone) and Truth & Light (those of a lighter skin tone and the one I own). I purchased Truth and Light, the texture is completely different and on first application it feels very strange. When applying it is cooling and feels wet on the skin although its residue is a powder. The shimmer is not overpowering, it in fact gives a soft dewy like effect. It's suddle not looking like you just dusted a disco ball on your face.

From the description on it states "A silky, feather-light powder, formulated with 70% water, dusts on to the skin as a cooling mist to set and enhance the look of any foundation. Beyond sheer: light-reflecting and translucent. A virtually invisible way to add luminosity and a soft radiant glow to the skin." It is the best way to describe it. Made of 70% water is where the 'wet' feeling comes from when applied. I overall have used it for 2 weeks now and usually with my sensitive combination highly prone to break outs face I get some kind of a react when trying something new but in the case of this product, I have not. It's kind of on the pricier side, I am not disappointed in it. A little of it goes a long way and there is talk of it becoming within the permanent side but that is all due to how the sales are with this collection. Would I repurchase this product? Yes, it's why I am hoping it becomes permanent. Would I recommend this product to others? Yes for I feel it is well worth the price due to that a little goes a long way.

Urban Decay's NAKED Palette:Review

Urban Decay
NAKED Palette 
Price $44.00
Found @, &

There is probably a bunch of reviews done on blogs and youtube about this palette but I wanted to give my own honest review. The Palette is NOT limited edition which is good news for us beauty users. It comes packaged in a velvet cover with NAKED in gold overlay. Inside is 12 eyeshadows, mini primer potion (which is great to have for traveling), and a double sided 24/7 eyeliner in whiskey (a brown) and zero (black) .

I have used this everyday and I absolutely love this. This palette is definitely a must to buy for anyone who loves neutral looks. The shadows range from some mattes, satin finish and shimmers. The one shadow virgin in the palette is a, in my opinion, the perfect highlighter. The color naked is my all time favorite all over lid color when I just don't feel like wearing alot.

I have not had a single problem blending the colors together, they go on so pigmented and even the mattes are able to blend easily with no trouble at all. I honestly do not have anything bad or a con to say about this project. To be honest I did not buy it until recently because I thought it was just a hype thing and not really that good just everyone has to have one. That was not the case when I finally broke down and bought it. Like I said I am amazed with the quality it had. It has a very strong capability to create a very neutral look, to a everyday look and to a dark smokey look. The possibilities with this palette are endless. Am I happy with this purchase? Yes I am. Do I feel it's worth the money? Yes I do. Would I purchase this again? Yes I would.